Flag of Bahamas
Continent: North America
Capital: Nassau
Other Information
Language: English
Religion: Christianity
Established: 1973
UN Member State
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Facts on The Bahamas

Geography: Approximately 700 islands. The islands cover an area of about 100,000 square miles. Population: 250,000 people.

Independence: The Bahamas became an independent nationstate on July 10,1973.

Banks: Approximately 360 financial institutions are licensed to do banking and financial trust representation in The Bahamas.

Medical Facilities: Every hotel has a doctor on call for guests. Most medical doctors are trained in the USA, Canada, Great Britain or The University of The West Indies

Radio and Television: The Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation is Government owned.

Currency: The Bahamian dollar is the national currency. It Is equivalent to, and interchangeable with, the American dollar.

Tipping: The usual tip is 15%. Many hotels and resorts automatically add the 15% service charge to cover tips.

Education: The Bahamas has a 95% literacy rate.

Capital: Nassau, located on the island of New Providence.

Family lslands: Eleuthera, Exuma, Abaco, Bimini, Spanish Wells, Walker's Cay, Rugged Island, Berry Island, Crooked Island, Andros, Cat Island, Mayaguana, Long Island, Akilos, San Salvador, Little lnagua, Great Inagua.