Republic of Botswana
Flag of Botswana
Continent: Africa
Capital: Gaborone
Head of State: Ian Khama
Other Information
Languages: Tswana, English
Religion: Christianity
UN Member State
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Botswana is a country in Africa and has the highest density of diamonds per mile in Africa. it also has a very high murder rate which is often directly related to its large blood diamond industry. botswana also has the highest percentage of HIV/AIDS per person in the world

People from Botswana are called Batswana. The population of Botswana is about 1.8 million people. This is a small number for a country of this size, and so the population density of Botswana is very low at only 2.7 persons per km². This is because most of the country is desert and very dry.

The languages spoken by most Batswana are English and the local language called Setswana (also called Tswana).

Botswana is a democracy and the people vote for their political leaders, who vote for their president. The current president of Botswana is Ian Khama.