State of Brunei, Abode of Peace
Flag of Brunei
Continent: Asia
Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
Government: Islamic Absolute Monarchy
Head of State: Hassanal Bolkiah
Other Information
Language: Malay
Religion: Islam
Established: January 1, 1984
UN Member State
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Brunei Geography and HistoryEdit

Brunei is a country located on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. Apart from its coastline with the South China Sea it is completely surrounded by the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, and in fact it is separated into two parts by Limbang, which is part of Sarawak. Brunei can trace its beginnings to the 7th century when it was a subject state of the Srivijayan Empire under the name Po-ni. It later became a vassal state of Majapahit before embracing Islam in the 15th century AD.

Brunei FactsEdit

Brunei has the second highest human development index among the South East Asia nations, after Singapore and is classified a developed country.

Brunei regarding fossil fuelsEdit

Brunei shell petroleum (BSP) is the leading oil and gas production company in Brunei after oil was first founded there in the early 1920's. Japan has traditionally been the main customer for Brunei's oil exports.