Committee: Environment

Question of: Climate Change

Submitted by: Mauritania

Believing that MEDCs around the world have created the myth that global warming exists so that LEDCs waste money on research into ways to combat it;

Concerned about the effect of desertification on countries that had previously relied on arable land;

Noting with approval the work already done under the aims of the Millennium Development Goals;

Warns that more and more sandstorms could take place in desertified areas, which include many highly populated areas, unless the operative causes 2 and 4 are put in place;

  1. Urges countries to find any sort of use for sand, perhaps as an alternative source of energy or a new super-strength construction material,
  2. Further urges more countries to join in tackling the serious problem of desertification,
  3. Trusts that no incentive is needed to encourage MEDCs to commit to fighting the adverse effects of climate change,
  4. Invites the creation of a body, called the Deforestation Committee (DefCom) whose mandate will include:
    1. monitoring the rate of worldwide deforestation,
    2. setting targets to reduce the rate of worldwide deforestation,
    3. marking areas of rainforest as “protected” in order to meet the targets,
  5. Suggests that financial incentives should be given to LEDCs if they chose to foster their rainforests’ growth, which could be awarded for:
    1. not deforesting areas that have been marked as “protected” by the above body,
    2. planting forested areas to the point that their DefCom targets are met,
  6. Resolves to export one free bag of sand to every child who applies for a sand castle building license from DefCom.