Dominican Republic
Flag of Dominican Republic
Continent: North America
Capital: Santo Domingo
Head of State: Leonel Fernandez
Other Information
Language: Spanish
Religion: Christianity
UN Member State
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The Dominican Republic shares an island called Hispaniola with Haiti off the coast of Central America. This makes Hispaniola one of only two island in the Caribbean which holds two countries. The Dominican Republic is the second biggest nation in the Caribbean, both by land mass and population. Its population is estimated at 10 million people. Since the seventh century the Dominican Republic has been inhabited by the Tainos, this tribual people have had a huge affect on the culture of the Dominican Republic which is a mix of Spanish colonists, African Slaves and Tainno natives.

The Country has also become in the recent time the centre of the Caribbean holidays and even thought it is renowned around the world for its sugar plantations, the econmy is now dominated by services. Golf courses are especially popular with the tourists and with its sunny coastline and mountainous center the country give a wide range of possible holiday types.

Funny Fact; The flag of the Dominican Republic is the only national flag in the world to feature the image of a bible.