Co-operative Republic of Guyana
Flag of Guyana
Continent: South America
Capital: Georgetown
Population: 770,000
Government: Semi-presedential Republic
Head of State: Bharrat Jagdeo
Other Information
Language: English
Religions: Christianity, Hinduism
UN Member State
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Human RightsEdit

The Co-op is a multiparty democracy with a population of approximately 760,000. President Bharrat Jagdeo was reelected to a second full term in 2006 elections considered generally free and fair by international observers. President Jagdeo's People's Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has been the majority party in Parliament since 1992. Civilian authorities generally maintained effective control of the security forces.

While the government generally respected the human rights of its citizens, there were problems in some areas. The most significant reported abuses included killings by police, torture and mistreatment of suspects and detainees by security forces, poor prison and jail conditions, and lengthy pretrial detention. Other problems included government corruption and sexual and domestic violence against women and abuse of minors.