Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Nuclear Disarmament

Submitted by: Vatican City

Aware of the numerous countries possessing nuclear weapons and the unwillingness of these countries to give them up,

Believing that it is possible for the human race to live with each other without the threat of death, destruction and being obliterated by other countries,

Deeply Disturbed by the fact that major states are reluctant to give up or considerably reduce the amount of nuclear weapons they posses,

Emphasizing the need for countries to put faith in one another and look at the positives in disposing of nuclear warheads,

  1. Recommends that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Article VI should be changed and now give a specific date or time period by when nuclear-armed states should be obligated to dispose of their weapons;
  2. Encourages the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) to be implemented and enforced within the next 3 months;
  3. Calls for all states to decrease their stock pile of nuclear weapons by;
    1. a minimum of 10% in the next 12 months,
    2. 100% (total nuclear abolition) within the decade,
  4. Requests that the UN create a body to monitor all states which currently possess any nuclear weapons until these are destroyed;
  5. Urges for universal disarmament as this is the only way for successful disarmament across the world to take place.