Like with Preambulatory Phrases these should be made clear using either bold, underline or italics, or a mixture of all three. Verbs should be used in the third person, to make it clear that you are outlining what the country wishes, not what you wish.

Again, it is bad practice to use any Operative Phrase or Preambulatory Phrase more than once, there are plenty to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the available choices. Feel free to add any others.

Accepts Adopts Affirms Approves Asks
Authorizes Calls for Calls upon Condemns Confirms
Congratulates Considers Declares accordingly Designates Draws the attention of
Emphasises Encourages Endorses Expresses Expresses its appreciation
Expresses its hope Further invites Further proclaims Further recommends Further reminds
Further requests Further resolves Have resolved Notes Proclaims
Reaffirms Recommends Regrets Reminds Requests
Resolves Solemnly affirms Strongly condemns Strongly suggests Suggests
Supports Takes note of Transmits Trusts Urges

Note: Only the Security Council can Demand anything.

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