Preambulatory phrases should be the Present Participle form of the verb (usually ending in -ING). Even though a resolution consists of only once sentence, each Preambulatory Clause should start with a capital letter, and the first word or words should be made to stand out by underlining, emboldening or italicising.

It is bad practice to use any Preambulatory Phrase or Operative Phrase more than once, there are plenty to choose from.

Here is a list of some of the available choices. Feel free to add any others.

Accepting that Affirming Alarmed by Approving Aware of
Believing Bearing in mind Believing fully Citing Citing further
Concerned that Confident in Contemplating Convinced Declaring
Deeply concerned Deeply conscious Deeply convinced Deeply disturbed Deeply regretting
Designating Desiring Emphasising Expecting Expressing its appreciation
Expressing its satisfaction Fulfilling Fully alarmed Fully aware Fully believing
Further deploring Further recalling Gravely concerned Guided by Having adopted
Having considered Having considered further Having devoted attention Having examined Having heard
Having received Having studied Keeping in mind Noting Noting further
Noting with approval Noting with deep concern Noting with satisfaction Noting with regret Observing
Reaffirming Realising Recalling Recognising Referring by
Referring to Seeking Taking into account Taking into consideration Taking note
Viewing with appreciation Welcoming Whereas Yet maintaining
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