United States of America
Flag of United States
Continent: North America
Capital: Washington D.C.
Government: Republic
Head of State: Barack Obama
Other Information
Language: English
Religion: Christianity
Established: July 1776
UN Member State
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North America was first colonised by the West in 1513 (initially by Spanish explorers but then mostly the British during the rest of the century). The United States of America has existed in some form or another since thirteen original states signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. These thirteen original members are remembered in the thirteen stripes on the United States Flag.

The United States

The Fifty States

The US is a federation of states, each which has powers to govern itself almost entirely. The federation now contains fifty states, which are represented by the stars on the flag. The largest of these states is Alaska which is situated away from the majority of the other states on the west coast of Canada, this means that the climate is usually very cold. Texas is the second largest state, it is a very oil rich state and is still producing oil to this day.