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The links in the menus and the search box at the top of this page take you to all of the important places on this Wiki, but if you don't know quite where to start, here's a list of our main pages.

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The Model United Nations Process

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The United Nations

Debating and Resolutions

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UN Solutions

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Requested Updates

Country Hotspots

The following links are countries that have recently been represented at Model United Nations conferences. You can add your contributions to them if you would like:

Flag of Brazil.png Brazil Flag of Honduras.png Honduras Flag of Turkey.png Turkey
Flag of Oman.png Oman Flag of Austria.png Austria Flag of Niger.png Niger

Alternatively you can visit the Random country link and see what you can add to any country in our database.

Inter-Governmental Organisations

Also, the following pages need to be created to explain some of IGOs from around the world:

Visit this link to list the recent changes

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United Nations Documents

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There are several vital documents that the United Nations has used since its very founding. Full texts of many of these documents can be found here for quick reference. These include:

Or see the United Nations Category for all of the UN related Links

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Wiki News

Thursday 4th October

  • In an exciting development, WyMUN's homepage is updated to cycle through "World News" bulletins from around the globe. A number of English-language news sites have been raided and added to the RSS feed at the top of the page.

Wednesday 25th April 2012

  • WyMUN Main Page undergoes a small change to accomodate a portal for the newly announced WyMUN Conference which will take place on July 1st.

Wednesday 7th December

  • Check out WyMUN's new mobile site that takes advantage of the Wikiaphone interface. Type www.wymun.wikia.com into your mobile device to see the new look.

Monday 26th September

  • The Wiki adds even more features, including the ability to comment on a page and the addition of badges that can be earned through editing, adding pictures and using categories.

Saturday 30th April 2011

  • The changes to the main page are finalised, adding Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support, and a News feed from BBC World.

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World News Site of the Day

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Featured Video

Featured Video for 30th July

Amnesty_International_Report_2011 Amnesty International's celebrate their 59th year in 2011. Their annual report shows the state of the world's human rights this year.

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Upcoming Conferences

A list of conferences occuring in the next three months:

Sunday 1st July

Sunday 8th July

For a full list, click here.